The Writer & Singer

Nope, it isn’t just about comic performance with the Alternative Reality Tour. There’s a lot more to it and being unpredictable is one of them. Say hello to the writer for the team, Alan Moore and singer, Grace Petrie

Alan Moore

Probably the better known name among the entire cast and crew off the Alternative Reality Tour, Alan Moore is also the oldest member of the squad being born way back in the 50s! He is best known for his script work and also for graphic novels that include From Hell, V for Vendetta and Watchmen. Called by some as the best ever graphic novel writer, he is also regarded highly as a British writer. Some of his pseudonyms you might be familiar with are Jill de Ray, The Original Writer, Curt Vile and Translucia Baboon.

He began to write in the 70s and his first works were mostly for fanzines and the British underground. Soon he tasted success publishing comic strips in magazines like the Warrior and 2000 AD. Soon enough, DC Comics picked him up and he went on to shape characters like Batman, Superman and even developed a new character called Swamp Thing.

Grace Petrie

She hails from Leicester, UK and is a songwriter, activist and folk singer. Her popularity rose in 2010 because of the emotive anthem, Farewell to Welfare which suited the protest scenes in that year. Then onwards, she went on to record, write and tour with a renewed vigour. Her compositions are unique because they visit all aspects of modern life including politics, love, and even wit.