The Lowdown

Randomness, insightful and yet quirky – it’s how the young crowd responds to the Alternative Reality Tour. Comedy is more than just being funny, many people are born funny and can crack a few jokes but to keep the new generation on edge, make them laugh and think at the same time – teach them two or so political notions or issues takes a lot more than being funny.

As Josie Long from within the bandwagon put it, engaging youth in politics, and using terrifying yet ridiculous ideas from the Conservative party’s ideology makes the Alternative Reality Tour a unique experience for one and all.

Featuring a long list of comedians and other notable figures, this tour snakes through the North, South, East and West of UK. Each year a new town or city is selected for either direction and the hope is to increase awareness on current issues as well as improve the entire ensemble’s popularity across the nation.

This ragtag group of performers is held together by Josie Long and includes comedians Simon Munnery, Tiernan Douieb, Nathaniel Tapley, singer Grace Petrie and acclaimed writer Alan Moore.

There method is quite simple really. They just roll up to a town, find a venue where they might not hurt sentiments enough to get arrested, splash the details on social media and yell across the town centre to people. As Long says, a lot of yelling and social media is how we market!

At times the crowd has been thin at just 7 and then there are packed houses of 70 or more but no two events are ever the same for the group. The journey however is inspiring and challenging for all involved.

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