The Comic Reliefs

The crew consists of three more stand-up comedians, each seasoned in their own topics and equally adept at tickling a crowd to the edge of madness. Meet the comic reliefs on the team.

Tiernan Douieb

Tiernan is best known for his satirical comedy and has for ages been travelling and complaining about the political happenings, with a funny and friendly demeanour though. No sentiments were hurt ever in making of a Douieb show! (Except those of political backgrounds)

His comic stand-ups are also on families and children so naturally more inclined towards a wider audience. He performs worldwide but prefers being at home and travelling through the country.

He loves his beard and has maintained it for some time now in different shapes and sizes but never disappearing entirely.

Simon Munnery

Better known for his characters of The League Against Tedium or Alan parker: Urban Warrior, Simon Munnery is an accomplished English comedian with a particular affinity for stand-up comedy.

He was seen on mainstream media with BBC2 television series, Attention Scum! And BBC Radio 1 show. Majority of his comic relief is based on political and satirical events – almost always exaggerated for extra effects. His style is unique too because of his makeshift props.

Considering himself to be somewhat of a master in comedy, he has gone ahead and authored four books on the same – what a geek!

Nathaniel Tapley

Dave the Cat and other imaginary stagehands make up Nathaniel’s stand-up comedy routines. He has won plenty of awards for comedy scripts and performances, acted, travelled, killed with laughter folks from all across the globe.

Better known for his involvement in The Revolution Will Be Televised, Tonightly, Dick & Dom, The News Quiz and Gigglebiz – he even manages to teach comedy (if you believe that is even possible).

He has his own website where he boasts a lot on his achievements until you realize it is just one more of his stage act.