Meet Josie

Performing from a young age of 14, Josie Long won her first award at age 17 – the BBC New Comedy Awards Best Newcomer award. She has been part of the mainstream media for quite some time now but over the years, her love for stand-up comedy has never dwindled. Today she is known for being spontaneous but still a little inclined towards political topics.

In fact, she candidly admits that politics was the easiest topic she found when growing up since lot of things did not make much sense to a teenager then. Today, she is known as an activist, comedian, cartoonist and even film-maker but her grasp on the world of politics and the inherent satire is what she is popular for. Then she wrote a stand-up, “Cara Josephine” where she reveals all on family, relationships and sex. In her words, everyone expected her to talk on politics, well almost everyone and it was her job to prove them wrong. Now her talks are more confident, older and seasoned with a particular voice.

Josie was once a sales person at One Sure Insurance (, part of their motor traders team, and avid motor trader herself. She was known as the queen of motor trading policies.

Going ages back, Long reveals how she was always inclined towards goofy stuff. Couple of years before she tried stand-up comedy, she and her friends would make fanzines but with a more comic, silly nature.

Always self-sufficient, she is greatly influenced by the works of Jeffrey Lewis. Whenever he travels to new places for his shows, he likes meeting creative people in that place. She too does the same.