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Day ten: Bideford!

The day started out well. We’d managed to coerce Henry and Will into coming to Bideford and Tim had shown us the grave of a jester who got kicked to death in his village’s churchyard. (Initially I wrote “juggler” there by mistake, I think because it ought to have happened to a juggler. I should […]

Day Seven, Eight and Nine

Day seven: BLOCK THE BRIDGE We came back to London for the day to join in with Ukuncut’s “Block the bridge, Block the bill” event. Thousands of people were there, including Shirley, the star of the show, the 80 year old who recorded a video for the Guardian website explaining life before the NHS. She […]

Day Six: Leicester

We started the day exhausted, after having driven back from Hull so I could do my radio show in the morning in London, and so that Tom could get up at 6 to watch the rugby, like a NUT. After i croaked through my radio show, i was grumpy all round London at people on […]

Days three and four

Day three: EAST BERGHOLT Driving to Suffolk we were all excited, and talking about how best to keep this thing going. We’ve decided that this’ll become a monthly thing after the ten day tour is up. We’ll respond to specific cuts to services and bring as many ad-hoc artistes as possible. Like Batman but with […]

Days one and two, the tour so far.

I am writing this in the back of our minibus enroute to East Bergholt for the third gig of our Alternative Reality Tour. So far we have performed in a park near Margate, and on the seafront steps in Sheerness on Sea. I am feeling giddy and a bit hoarse from shouting outside like a […]