As summer rolls in, the urge to have fun grows stronger and we a shamble assortment of individuals get ready to rock your bottoms with one-liners and quirky satire – Josie Long on the Alternative Reality Tour.


A band of few comedians, writers and singers came together some time back to form a town hopping party that did mostly stand-up comedies and few satirical short plays. This group has been at it for over 5 years now and in some towns have become the hotly anticipated act in the entire year! Yup, those poor souls have been robbed of laughter but Josie and her group know just how to put it back on their faces.

The ragtag group will snake its way across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom in a beat down minivan collecting coasters along the way. They don’t have much room left in their chariot of laughter but might just entertain your stay if you happen to have the natural funny bone.

For booking details, auditions or just plain old craziness drop your comments and thoughts in the comments section!